Dec. 17, 2015 New National Organization for MS4 Permittees

National Municipal Stormwater Organization

There is a new national organization comprised of and for MS4 permittees throughout the United States. It is the National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA). We are working closely with the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and their new Stormwater Institute initiative. The members of NMSA are state-level coalitions of MS4 permittees.

The NMSA’s mission is to serve as the national voice of the MS4 permittees, by:

1. providing stormwater sector support & information,

2. facilitating messaging and communication – especially among MS4 permittees,

3. providing assistance and resources for education – among MS4 permittees and with the public, and

4. representing the interests and concerns of MS4 permittees in the areas of national policy and regulatory advocacy.

The NMSA will convey information to MS4 permittees and engage them in addressing national-level MS4 issues that affect them, such as the USEPA’s proposed draft federal rule, the “MS4 Phase II Remand Rulemaking,” due out on December 17, 2015.

One of the reasons for the creation of NMSA is to represent the interests and concerns of MS4 permittees in regulatory processes such as this proposed rulemaking. We are especially interested in getting information to and enlisting the participation of Phase II MS4 permittees (the smaller permittees with limited staff capacities) in federal rulemakings and other regulatory processes that affect them.

If you are interested in receiving information from or working with NMSA, please use this Web link to go to this very short survey to give us your contact information. You will have the chance to tell us at what level you want to participate in NMSA’s work or receive information relevant to the MS4 sector.

We think this will be of interest to anyone who works for or with an MS4 permittee.