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2024 Eastern Washington Ad Hoc Work Group

Mission Statement:

To provide a platform for Eastern Washington stormwater stakeholders to cooperatively participate in a transparent process to identify, discuss, and develop suggestions under consensus for submission to Ecology prior to the reissuance of the Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit. The Work Group meeting occurred on November 15, 2021. Please contact Laurie Larson for meeting information.


Trey George, City of Spokane – Coordinator

Brian Morgenroth, City of Walla Walla – Coordinator

Shilo Sprouse, City of Pullman – Coordinator

Laurie Larson-Pugh, Washington Stormwater Center – Functional Support

Organizational Structure

  • This Work Group aims to function as a vehicle to organize, document, and submit suggested permit revisions. The group can serve as a resource to coordinate various ancillary draft permit discussion groups, as appropriate.
  • The Washington Stormwater Center will provide administrative support to the Work Group as a meeting coordinator among other strictly support roles.
  • The Work Group will break down into Topic Groups to address permit topics and will identify and memorialize Topic Group participants and discussion topics in a living spreadsheet document.

  • The Topic Groups will discuss specific topics on technical or policy issues. Topic Groups are expected to develop detailed suggestions and ideas for use in the reissue of the 2024 EWA Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.
  • Each Topic Group will aim for consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the Topic Group will provide a range of perspectives, with an indication of the level of support for each perspective, for Ecology to consider.
  • The Topic Groups will provide draft permit suggestions using the provided template on the specific topics to the Work Group for inclusion into a single submission to Ecology.
  • The Work Group will compile draft permit suggestions from the Topic Groups for submission of a single body of work to Ecology. The Work Group will not make changes to the permit suggestions provided by the Topic Groups, other than format and grammar changes, without full consensus of the entire Work Group.


  • The Work Group will meet on an approximately bi-monthly basis, to get a status update from each Topic Group and provide feedback, as necessary.
  • The Topic Groups will meet on a schedule TBD by each Topic Group.
  • The Topic Groups suggestions shall be submitted to the Work Group administrative support contact by Feb 1, 2022.
  • The Work Group will submit the compilation of suggestions to Ecology in a single body of work by Feb 28, 2022.
  • Ecology may accept minor changes or clarifications from the Work Group until June 30, 2022.