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Farmers Market & Food Trucks

Preventing pollution is an important part of doing business at any farmer’s market, special event, or food truck location. Help protect clean water this season and make the most of your time outdoors with two webinars from the Washington Stormwater Center.

Learn best practices for proper handling of fat, oils, and grease, material handling, disposing of sanitation chemicals, and post-event cleanup. We have a team of pollution prevention specialists to answer all your sticky questions!


*Photo credit: City of Vancouver

Statewide Contact:

WA Dept. of Ecology Pollution Prevention Services for Business

Eastern WA Contact:

Vikki Barthels, Spokane Regional Health District, 509-324-1475

Western WA Contact:

Carly Zellers, City of Puyallup, 253-770-3364

This short course consists of a video that will cover pollution prevention topics such as safer cleaning products, waste management, proper site set-up, good housekeeping, vendor and organizer training, and post-event clean-up.  Upon completion of the course, which includes a short quiz, you will receive a completion certificate.

Take the Course

Pollution Prevention: Farmers Markets/Special Events

The return of events means fun food, handmade treasures, fresh-cut flowers, and unfortunately, lots of clean-up. Make sure your booth doesn’t become a source of pollution. The Washington Stormwater Center is bringing you an exciting webinar on how to prevent pollution from your booth! Learn tips and tricks for material handling, post-event clean-up, and many other challenges your event booth faces. 

Prevención de la Contaminación: Mercados de Agricultores/Eventos Especiales

El regreso de los eventos significa comida divertida, tesoros caseros, flores recién cortadas y, lamentablemente, mucho para limpiar. Asegúrese de que su puesto no se convierta en una fuente de contaminación. El Centro de Aguas Pluviales de Washington le trae un emocionante seminario web sobre cómo prevenir la contaminación de su puesto. Aprenda consejos y trucos sobre la manipulación de materiales, la limpieza después del evento y muchos otros desafíos que enfrenta su puesto en el evento.

Pollution Prevention: Food Trucks/Mobile Vendors

The Washington Stormwater Center is bringing you an in-depth webinar on how to prevent pollution from your food truck. Learn best practices on proper handling of fats, oils, and grease, how to clean up a spill, or where to dump your mop water or sanitizing bucket. Get all your sticky questions answered by a team of Pollution Prevention Specialists from across the state.

Prevención de la Contaminación: Camiones de Comida/Vendedores Móviles

El Centro de Aguas Pluviales de Washington le trae un seminario web exhaustivo sobre cómo prevenir la contaminación de su camión de comida. Aprenda las mejores prácticas sobre cómo manejar adecuadamente las mantecas, aceites y grasas, cómo limpiar un derrame o dónde eliminar el agua de su trapeador o el cubo de agua con productos de limpieza.