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The City of Tacoma updated its Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM)

The City of Tacoma hosted training sessions titled ‘How to Successfully Complete a Stormwater Site Plan’. The Stormwater Site Plan is a report and associated drawings that outline required stormwater mitigation.

View the July 2021 City of Tacoma SWMM, training session recordings. and training materials

For more permit information and resources please visit The Department of Ecology page

The Western Washington Phase I and Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits required Permittees to have programs to control runoff from new development, redevelopment, and construction sites. These programs are required to include a review of stormwater site plans for development activities. This training is intended to provide municipal staff whose primary function is to review plans for a general overview of how to review a plan set to ensure compliance with the Permits.

Training Materials


  1. Flowchart For Determining MR5 Requirements
  2. Flowchart For Determining Req For New Development
  3. Flowchart For Determining Req For Redevelopment
  4. Runoff Treatment BMP Selection Flowchart
  5. Flowchart For Det Wetland Protection Level Requirements



Plan Review Q&A